Second Skin with Dick’s Sporting Goods

DSG Second Skin Runners

Second Skin

Recently, Fusion Specialties worked with Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG) to create a custom line of mannequins for Second Skin.  Second Skin is a private label clothing line that DSG recently unveiled, requiring an equally unique collection of mannequins. The main focus of the collection was to create mannequins performing functional fitness tasks, but making the collection speak authentically to the activity was easier said than done.

The final roster for the Second Skin collection was four mannequins, two male and two female. However, two of these mannequins needed to be in complex poses. One would be doing a pull up, and the other would be climbing a rope. These mannequins were much more complicated in design and manufacturing, but we were excited to find the solution. However, with a last minute design change, entirely new bases were developed for the mannequins. In 48 hours, our engineering and design teams came together, crafted two entirely custom bases to accommodate the customer’s needs.

DSG Second Skin Rope Climbing

Working with such dynamic mannequins wasn’t the only challenge. To ensure that the props for the collection would work, Fusion had to develop our very own rope, sand bag and pull up bar for the mannequins. Again, our design team rallied to quickly prototype and test these brand new props to make sure they gave that authentic feeling DSG needed. Although, while they work for the mannequins, we wouldn’t recommend planning a workout with them!

DSG Second Skin Pull Up

Finally, once all the mannequins and props were completed and approved, Fusion still had to turn around and get them made in a limited time window. However, this is something that Fusion is definitely used to, and has lots of practice accomplishing. We got all the mannequins produced in time for rollout and we couldn’t have been more proud with how DSG’s Second Skin collection turned out.