Portland Roadshow Set Image

Portland Roadshow Recap

The Portland Roadshow After the success of the LA Roadshow, we knew that we would have to go even bigger in Portland. And without a doubt, the second stop in our travelling mannequin circuit was better than ever. Situated in the heart of…
Return of the Roundtable

Return of the Roundtable

Return of the Roundtable The Roundtable, a meeting of New York City's visual merchandising industry influencers, originated in 2011, with the much celebrated designer, Tom Beebe, and Eric Feigenbaum, former head of the visual merchandising…
Noa Brands Direct Set Image

E-Commerce Platform: Noa Brands Direct

Noa Brands is proud to announce the launch of it's E-Commerce platform: Noa Brands Direct. Quality Mannequins are now available at the click of a button.