LIM College Fashion Show

Colors of the World


Goldsmith has always been looking to the future, whether to see what trends are developing or who will be the next big designer.

One way they keep an eye on up and comers is by working with LIM college in the heart of New York.

Just this past Friday, LIM put on their annual Fashion Show, “Colors of the World”. The show is an entirely student run affair, as the Fashion Show Production Club manages every level of the event. From apparel to production to modelling, students planned, ran, and participated in every step of the process.

This approach fits in perfectly with LIM’s method of teaching and training their students, so that they can have the necessary skills to impact the fashion world after graduation.

Goldsmith is proud to support LIM and excited to be working with the next generation of fashion designers, marketers, and visual merchandisers that are at LIM.  We look forward to presenting the Outstanding VM Student Award at the end of May!

For more information and photos and videos of LIM’s Fashion Show, please go to