Job Opportunity: Master Artist

Mannequin Manufacturer seeks MASTER ARTIST

Retail Display Mannequin manufacturer seeks Industrial Designers, Art Casters & Mold Makers for

Master Artist position


At NOA Brands, we are the designers, developers and manufacturers of custom mannequins and visual merchandising products for the retail industry. We are pioneers of highly-durable mannequins and forms, specializing in custom design, speed-to-market development and high capacity manufacturing. Headquartered in Lafayette, Colorado with on-site design, development, engineering and molding departments, NOA Brands is the “one stop shop” for retail display mannequins. We have global production, warehousing and shipping capabilities to support our customers’ worldwide in-store needs.

Master Artist Position:

Master Artists are responsible for translating full scale clay sculptures and 3D printed renderings of retail display mannequins into fiberglass masters through a variety of molding, casting and refinement techniques. Production tools are derived from Masters and therefore Masters are required to be a perfect execution of aesthetic and functional features. The ideal candidates should have experience with and passion for molding, casting, fabrication and hands on refinement of design features.

Ideal Experiences include:

Industrial Design background

Understanding of mechanical systems

Familiarity with electric, pneumatic, and hand tools (drills, saws, sanders…)

Mold making of sculptural Art

Silicone & Plaster mold making

Fiberglass lamination

Chasing and refinement of Resin, Plaster or Metal Sculptures

Hard sculpting (sculpting in hard materials such as resin, bondo, plaster)

Knowledge of human anatomy

Must be able to lift 50lbs on regular basis


Qualified Candidates should send resume and brief description of related experience.

Portfolio images are appreciated.

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