Euroshop Recap

EuroShop Set Image

Noa Brands was extremely proud to have three brands showing at Euroshop this year. Our premier fashion brand, Atrezzo, hosted a booth for the first time; our newest addition, Almax, had a robust selection of blow molded product; and Fusion Specialties appeared for the first time at the biggest Visual Merchandising trade show in the world!

Atrezzo was focused in showcasing the mannequins that have made them the envy of designers everywhere, with unique and stunning concepts that are guaranteed to elevate any apparel to the next level.

Atrezzo Booth

Fusion Specialties, known for their athletic poses and forms, highlighted their newest collection, Olympus. This collection has a much more European athletic feel, with long and lean silhouettes. As Fusion works to penetrate the European market more, they expect Olympus to lead the way.

Fusion Booth

And last but not least, Almax, the Italian blow-molding specialists, showed with an eclectic mix of full mannequins and accessories, showing the wide range of possibilities that can be provided by the newest addition to our family.
Almax Booth

However, the brands that showcased their products aren’t the only allure of Euroshop. Getting a pulse on the industry and seeing what trends are developing is also a key aspect to the event. Below is a list of some of the key trends our experts saw at Euroshop, and the ways that Noa Brands is engaging them to be at the forefront of Visual Merchandising.

1. 3-D Technology

3-D Scanning and Printing provide a whole new level of detail and creativity, as materials can be printed in ways traditional manufacturing cannot achieve. Fusion Specialties has been a long proponent of this method of production, and as greater customization is required to differentiate brands, they stand ready to make your products truly unique.

Fusion 3-D Printing

2.Mixed Medium/Materials

Materials and Mixed Medium let the character of a brand to come shining through, as these mannequins allow multiple levels of detail. Atrezzo has long mastered the art of tastefully mixing cloth, fiberglass, and metal to make forms that will entice even the most reluctant of window shoppers.

Atrezzo Animal Heads

3. Design (Minimalism+Futurism)

We’ve all been to the bustling new restaurants where the floors are concrete, the decoration is sparse, and the food is divine. This minimalist approach has reached Visual Merchandising and is offering unique opportunities for an industry that is delighted by detail. Almax provides a number of stunning mannequin options that radiate presence in an understated way.

Almax Minimalism

4. VR & AR

The future is now, as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality move from Science Fiction to commonplace. Noa Brands has teamed up with two companies, Smart Pixel and Perch Interactive, to pioneer the future technologies of Visual Merchandising.


5. Athleisure

Crossfit, Yoga Pants, Athleisure. All words that once held little meaning and now define one of the largest growing clothing demographics in the world. Atrezzo released their “Train” collection in 2016, targeting the fashion conscious athletes of the world.

Atrezzo Train

And, in 2017, Fusion Specialties will be releasing their own Athleisure collection, featuring numerous active and static poses.

While Euroshop only occurs every three years, the impacts and insights that can be gleaned from it will make that time fly. Noa Brands can’t wait to show off all our new developments next time in 2019.