Colorado: Mountains, Marijuana and… Mannequins

3-D Printed Nike SoHo Latticework Mannequins

What do you think about when Colorado comes to mind? The beautiful Rocky Mountains, a booming marijuana industry and, if you happen to work in the retail industry, you might happen to think of mannequins.


Fusion has been proud to call Colorado home for more than 30 years. We eat, sleep and breathe the outdoor lifestyle, which has helped make us the leading designer and manufacturer of active and dynamic mannequins and experiential elements that dominate the world of retail today. Creating for today’s top athletic and fashion brands, Fusion pioneered a new business model, being the first to offer custom designed mannequins. We introduced Eflex, a revolutionary, more durable material to withstand the rigors of retail and engineered magnetic fittings, making our mannequins the easiest to dress.


So, why did Fusion make colorful Colorado home?


Loveland, Colorado, just a one-hour drive from downtown Denver, is the sculpting headquarters of the world? Years ago, Loveland was transformed into an art lover’s paradise when a group of like-minded individuals banded together to host an outdoor sculpture show. Today, Loveland is home to some of the finest classically trained sculptors. For Fusion, we pull from this talent, calling on a team of professional sculptors, translating your vision to a full-scale, life-size sculpt in lightning speed. Human anatomy experts, our sculptors can create anything from lifelike portraits to dynamic poses in motion.


But it’s more than just sculpting; it’s about creating a moment that feels familiar, feels comfortable and, most importantly, feels authentic. A slight turn of the head can make a mannequin genuine, allowing shoppers to connect on an emotional level. Because we are captivated by the outdoors, we know that there are little nuances in all sports poses. The feet placed just so for skiing, the hips turned just so for snowboarding. All of these minute details that help create a realistic and authentic moment can be found in each and every one of our designs.


We invite you to come visit us at Booth #56077-UL to see our dynamic designs and talk about how we can help with your visual merchandising needs.