Bloomingdale’s 6 Foot Tall Pumps

Mosaic & Love and Peace

In December, Bloomingdale’s approached us to help with a special display for their flagship store on 59th Street in New York. The challenge?  Create a unique display to engage with shoe lovers and provide eye-catching display in their newly designed 26,000 square foot shoe department. The solution? A 6 foot tall pump, of course.

The project had a short timeline. The heels were needed in New York by early February – just 5 weeks away once we had the final green light. But our team was determined to deliver. First task was to pick the perfect pump.

The most important element for Bloomingdale’s was to provide a realistic shoe at a mega scale. Creating the heel, a replica of a Stuart Weitzman pump, played directly into Bloomingdale’s brand by combining science and art to create an entirely new merchandising experience for customers to enjoy.

Once the shoe model was selected, it was time to scan it. Our in-house 3-D specialists quickly rendered it in studio and began sizing it up. The team had to make sure that the shoe reached six feet tall while also maintaining the sleek and sexy look of the 4-inch heel.

After the shoe had reached full size, it was finally time to bring it to life. The shoe was 3-D printed in sections and then assembled to form the first of the heels. This first Master heel was then molded so that the rest of the heels could be produced in the required fiberglass material. We made record time – completing the mold by January 22nd.

On February 5th, all four of our heels had made it through the production process. With a project as unique and exacting as this, extra care was taken to make sure the shoes were perfect. The shoes were all cast and prepped in our Colorado factory, where the workers have decades of experience in highly specialized and unique projects. The heels were shipped out in a pristine white, the perfect canvas for the four artist Bloomingdale’s selected to personalize these pieces of art.

The Art/Artists:

Graffiti-style by Frank Foster Post


Frank Foster Post is a neopop artist whose work is defined by bold lines and bright colors with intention to create a new visual universe.  Just as you see on the heel he completed for Bloomingdale’s, his work is dominated by bright colored cartoon figures with black outlines.


Statue of Liberty by G Felix

Statue of Liberty 2

G Felix’s inspiration was to create a NYC fierce nightlife shoe.  The Statue of Liberty rocks Bloomingdale’s art deco style with her rhinestone sandal.


The Mosaic by Allison Eden

The Mosaic

Allison Eden’s signature style can be seen from art galleries to hotels all over the world.  Specializing in hand crafted glass mosaics, Allison has taken the most ancient art known to man and transformed it into a modern day art form.


Love & Peace by Chris Riggs

Love & Peace

Chris Riggs is an international contemporary artist from NYC.  His iconic signature is love and peace layered style murals and painting which he began in 1988 in New York.  He is also well known for his colorful abstract canvases and murals.  Chris believes that peace and love are the most important things in life, and his main goal is to bring those values to the world through his artwork.  Finally, a fun fact… Chris’ Bloomingdale’s shoe design was completed on the roof of Bloomingdale’s.